About us

Bedford Sound Japan, LLC.

Director         : Manabu Matsumoto

Address   : 2-3-6, Toyoshima-Minami, Ikeda-shi, Osaka, JAPAN

Postcode       : 563-0035

email              : echo@bedfordsound.com

Phone            : +81 50 5809-8074 (Japan)

                         +44 7869 417734 (UK, Europe)

Company no. : 6120903003008


Bedford Sound Japan is a company to import great HiFi products to Japan as a distributor and also exporting great Japanese products from Japan to all over the world.

Our business is based on our experience of selling Vintage HiFi products from UK to more than 20 countries all over the world via eBay for last 11 years and now started shifting to newer products.

In order to start the new challenge, we've set up a new company called "Bedford Sound Japan, LLC".

The headquarters of the company are now based in Osaka, Japan as all of our businesses are from or to Japan.

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